Benefits of pregnancy/prenatal massage

June 26 2013

In a continuation of our “benefits of massage” series, a few points about the benefits of pregnancy/prenatal massage. Pregnancy is a normal and healthy state of being for a woman’s body, and the benefits of pregnancy massage are not very different from the benefits experienced at times of non-pregnancy.


Following are a list of benefits specific to the physiological changes of pregnancy: weight gain, laxity of joints, increased blood volume, decreased blood pressure, and changes in posture and gait.


• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

• Reduces edema (swelling).

• Helps resolve muscle spasms and fascial restrictions due to the body’s constant adjustments in response to laxity of joints, shifting center of gravity, and weight gain.

• Helps prepare emotionally for labor, birth, and baby. Prenatal massage has been found to increase mother’s confidence in touching their newborns.


And, don’t forget to plan time to receive a post-natal massage a few weeks after baby arrives.

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