Ms. Bond's 10 Tips for 2016

January 12 2016

Following is a guest post from my dear friend and VERY FIRST massage client, Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng (aka Ms. Bond of Ms. Bond's Breakfast Club).  She is an innovator, breath of fresh air, and master of many things , and her tips for 2016 really resonated with me (I have seen her  in action, so I know they work!). I will be expounding on some of them in upcoming posts, but wanted to get this list out to you in it's purest form so you can decide what they mean to YOU.


If you need inspiration in your life, I encourage you to subscribe to her email list at  The emails are very short in length, but full of inspiration and joy.


Ms. Bond's 10 Tips for 2016

- Don’t skimp on sleep.

- Reach your goals by increments.

- Pencil in “no-schedule” days.

- Focus, focus, focus.

- Let go of what/who isn’t working.

- Get lost sometimes.

- Pick up your smart phone to actually call someone.

- Choose your team well.

- Sneak in mini adventures!

- Make an effort to remember people’s names.



Image courtesy of Ms. Bond




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