Tip #2: Reach your goals by increments

March 1 2016

Ms. Bond's second tip for 2016: Reach your goals by increments


Otherwise known as "small achievement moments". I live for the small achievement moments.


When we set goals, sometime all we can see is THE GOAL. Lose 20 pounds! Give up desserts! Renovate the bathrooms! Launch a new website! (And, of course, goals always have an exclamation point after them!)


When we set a goal, big or small, and don't set benchmarks between the starting point and the goal, discouragement looms. All goals require a series of steps to achieve them. And each of those steps is a goal worth noting and celebrating.


Approach it like a marathon runner. One mile at a time. And each mile earned is worth celebrating. One method is to write down the steps it takes to get from A to Z. So, if getting in a daily walk is a goal, write down what needs to happen. Do you need to wake up earlier? Buy new sneakers? Find someone to watch the kids? Maybe set a preliminary goal of walking 3 days/week for the first month. Celebrate what you achieved in making those 3 days happen. Then, work on adding a fourth.


Celebrate each lost pound, each extra mile walked, each sub-task in that bathroom reno (even if all you achieved today was buying a new toilet seat - because you can't upgrade it until you buy it. I wouldn't know anything about this, of course).


Reach those goals one step at a time. How about adding a regular massage to your list of goals this year?







© 2016 Katherine Ferranti LMT

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