Tip #3: Pencil in "no schedule" days

April 1 2016


Ms. Bond's third tip for 2016: Pencil in "no schedule" days


How many of us actually do this? Really, REALLY do this? I know that I am pretty good about getting my blood pressure up to accomplish 87 things in order to guarantee myself 1-2 hours of couch time or nap time or bath time, etc. on a weekend. Stressing out to get some "free time" hardly makes that time "free".  And I certainly don't enjoy the process and am DEFINITELY not open to potential opportunities. And you want me to take an entire DAY to just go with the flow? Are you crazy?


Until you try it.


We have all had at least one day like this on vacation. The day that seems to last FOREVER! It's so luxurious and relaxed. No plan. No schedule. Just doing whatever you feel like doing in that moment and enjoying the time it takes to get from point A to B.


Give it a try one day when you have no set commitments like doctor visits or meetings. You can have chores to do. It's not about lying around like a lump (unless that's what you need most that day) But, don't have anything that has to be completed at a set time. Then, just go with the flow.


By not scheduling every moment, there is more perceived time in each moment because you aren't always thinking about whats NEXT. You exist in the moment itself much more easily. And your mind is open to unexpected pleasantness that may pop up: bumping into a friend and taking time to grab a coffee, spending 20 minutes in the garden, deciding to take the time to have lunch in a restaurant instead of grabbing something quickly on the go, suddenly realizing how to solve that problem that has been plaguing you for a month etc.


No schedule days allow us to squeeze more joy out of a day, thereby reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and opening the mind for creative thinking.


© 2016 Katherine Ferranti LMT

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