Tip 5: Let go of who/what isn't working

Sept 1 2016

Life is too short. It's too short to commit to things we don't enjoy. Of course, that's simple. I hate paying bills and cleaning my toilet. But, both have to get done or the consequences will be worse. But, we all have those items in our schedule that can absolutely be trimmed with minimal collateral damage that will leave time for you to do other, more meaningful things.


An example


I have been struggling for years with my schedule. When you start out as an LMT, you work nights/weekends. Because that's when many people want their massages, and because the new person always gets hired to work the less desirable shift. So I did that. And when I opened my own office, there were always people who like/need to come in the evenings due to other obligations. So, I had evening hours. And I am always happy to be busy and be in demand. It's a luxury, especially in my line of work, to be so busy that you turn people away.


But, then I got tired. I woke in the morning and wasn't as rested as I should be. My digestion was sluggish because I ate too late and went to bed too soon after eating to digest properly. And I didn't see my husband as much as I'd like because he works "traditional" hours.


So...I made a change! I had cut my weekend hours 18 months before which helped a lot. But, I needed to trim my evening hours as well. I am a morning person. So, no matter how late I go go bed, I can't sleep in. So, instead of fighting my natural rhythms, I decided to align my work hours with my natural rhythms and that allowed me to work, eat and rest in a balanced way.


It took some planning. And it didn't happen overnight. But, I was able to set things in place which will give me a more sustainable career and work/life balance.


What's not working in your life? Is there a relationship that has run it's course, and just isn't a good fit anymore? Is your schedule overwhelming? Does the layout of your house interfere with the way your life your life? Let go!




© 2016 Katherine Ferranti LMT

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