Tip 7: Pick up the phone and call someone

October 1 2016


Following is contributed by Ms. Bond herself, Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng.  Subscribe to her email list at


Like everyone else, I so rarely pick up the phone to call anyone these days. It seems like text message has taken over calling all together. But, I'm reminded of the importance and wonder of actually catching up with someone over the phone whenever I go home to visit my parents. My mom and her friends still call each other regularly. I often overhear some of their conversation in passing when I'm in the same room as her and there's a certain immediacy and joy that her voice gives away. I felt that this was definitely missing in my life!


Luckily, this past year, I've met some new friends that often pick up the phone when they want to tell me something or check in with me. I so appreciate it and I really want to make more of an effort to pick up that phone on my end and give a friend a ring.







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