What is Sports Massage?

August 20 2012

Sports massage employs a variety of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage techniques, to help prevent and recover from injury, increase range of motion, or help an athlete recover from a big event. The exact techniques used depend on the timing of the session and present injuries.


Pre-event sports massage is focused on bringing circulation to the muscles most involved in the event. Post-event sports massage is focused on normalizing the body systems after strenuous exertion. These types of sports massage generally take place at the sporting event itself.


The sports massage that most of us receive is designed to help optimize training between events with goals such as treating an injury, or increasing range of motion. This type of massage doesn’t use any specialized techniques - appropriate Swedish and deep tissue techniques will be used depending on your needs.


Just because you are an athlete, it does not mean you need (or want) a sports massage. And just because you are not athletic, it does not mean that you shouldn’t get a sports massage. The most important thing is to communicate with the therapist about your goals for the session.


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